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Alpacas d'Auxvasse

Luxury Alpaca Products from the Pasture to You

Ann Mayes
9266 County Road 1012Auxvasse, MO 65231

About Our Store

Who Are We?
I am Ann, a city girl who always dreamed of having a farm. After working in corporate America and raising two wonderful sons, I decided in 2003 that I would finally live my dream. I sold my house in the suburbs, bought a farm and 3 alpacas. My mother Micki, a retired chemist, built a house next door and was my biggest supporter. She was knitter extraordinaire and produced many of the finished goods we sell.
My son Jesse and I run the farm ourselves, with occasional help for the heavy stuff.
We raise both Suri and Huacaya Alpacas. Our herd has grown , each with a name and personality who are treated as beloved friends. No animals are slaughtered on our farm and we harvest and use every bit of the fiber they produce.

Supporting Local Economy
We buy fiber to supplement our harvest from local alpaca and sheep farmers and utilize local mills to card our roving and spin our yarn. Our alpaca “beans” are provided free of charge to local gardeners and vegetable farms for fertilizer. I partner with local knitters and weavers to add to our finished product supply.
Hopefully we do our small part to support local economy.

About Our Roving
I hand pick and wash every fleece that is turned into roving for spinners. I choose only the best fleeces for spinners and personally visit the sheep farms to choose the best and softest wool for the roving blends.
Rug Roving is coarser fiber used in our rug kits to make rugs to tickle your toes!

About Our Yarns
Our goal is to provide luxury yarns produced from local fiber and labor in a sustainable and green manner at an affordable price. Although we can’t compete with imported prices, I believe you will find that the quality and uniqueness of our yarns will allow you to create heirloom quality products that you can be very proud of.
I personally skirt and sort each fleece to evaluate it for tenderness and quality. The sorted fleeces are then grouped together and utilized for the purpose they are best suited for.
Fine, uniform fleeces go into our 100% yarns and roving.
Fine Cormo or Merino is added to improve the loft and elasticity not present in alpaca for more versatile applications.

Types of Yarns and Their Uses
100% Suri is the signature yarn of Alpacas d’Auxvasse. It is very rare to find 100% Suri produced commercially. The drape and luster of this yarn make it exceptional for weaving and knitting elegant lace shawls and scarves.
85/15% Suri/Merino blend adds loft and elasticity for a knitting yarn to die for! This 3-ply can be used in any pattern calling for a DK weight of wool or alpaca.
90/10% Suri/Silk blend complements the Suri luster. This is a dense blend with warmth and weight.
100% Huacaya has incredible softness with loft. Great for cozy hats and scarves providing super warmth. It dyes beautifully to muted tones
Sock Yarn— Blended for softness and durability


We accept Paypal, Check, Money Order and major credit cards. Unless stated otherwise, such as for custom dyed yarns, Items will be shipped next business day after receipt of payment.