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New Age Alpacas


Barbara Zachary
9460 Santa Clara RoadAtascadero, CA 93422

New Age Alpacas was a small acreage farm in beautiful Atascadero, CA, located half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
For 17 years, I've had a lovely herd of mostly Suri alpacas. Living this lifestyle was a dream come true, and I credit it for so many things. By spending time every day doing "chores", my health has never been better, and the peaceful existence of communing daily with nature, and with these sweet, docile creatures has been a joy that cannot be put into words.
But - - like everything in life, there comes a time to move on. Now in 2019, it is time for another lifestyle adjustment. (Something about that magic number of "70").

I am so grateful for having had this opportunity. It has been an amazing time. What I am most grateful for though, is the friends I have made over the years. The community of alpaca people in this area is unbelievable. Always, if help has been needed, a phone call would bring someone here in minutes, and the gatherings to share experiences, advice, and of course, food, are something I will remember forever. I was able to find homes for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my alpacas through the friendships that have evolved over the years. Though I will miss my herd immensely, it is a joy, knowing that they are all in homes where they will be loved and will receive the proper care.

Feeling happy and sad, but mostly, grateful.

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