Sound of Freedom Farm, LLC

Will Burney
3936 Charity Neck RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23457

Sound of Freedom Farm, LLC is a small, veteran-owned agribusiness focused on breeding genetically superior, white/light-colored Suri alpaca breeding stock for sale to commercial fiber producers and other breeders desiring to improve the genetics of their own herds. We are located on ten acres in the rural Pungo area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sound of Freedom Farm takes its name from its close proximity to both Naval Air Station Oceana (NTU 179/9) and the Virginia Beach Military Aviation Museum. At any given time of day or night overhead the farm, one can observe the sight and sounds of military aircraft ranging from World War I replicas to present-day jet fighters. And that never fails to bring a smile to the face of our President, a retired Naval Flight Officer who spent over twenty years flying in strike-fighter aircraft.

Our Vision

To continually improve specific heritable genetic traits of our herd — and, thereby, the herds of our customers—by means of strict adherence to scientific breeding principles and genetic selection criteria.