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Zephyr Hill Farm

Superior Suri Alpacas, Fleece and Goods

Denise & Jeff Johnson
10297 7 Mile Rd.Evart, MI 49631

A typical sunrise here in the heart of the mitten.

The "girls" in their pasture.
Crias and more!

We are a small suri alpaca farm located in the heart of Michigan, just 2 1/2 hours away from Metro Detroit. We founded our farm in the rolling hills of central Michigan when we retired from the suburban lifestyle in 2014.

After the brutal winter this past year and the inevitable aging of us we have decided to bring our alpaca farm venture to a close. We will be dispersing our herd and selling the farm. I was blessed with the opportunity to raise and work with alpacas on a beautiful farm that I will sorely miss. I came into this without any knowledge of alpacas and have learned so much. Alpacas are a unique livestock. I found them to be funny, quirky, non-aggressive, and individualistic. They have taught me patience and persistence. I have felt it has been a blessing and honor caring for them and would highly recommend them for a young family with children. They would make a wonderful 4H animal.

Their fleece is amazing and I’m excited to continue working with it and having the time in the future to create with it.

We will be selling all of the alpacas. I will be offering each animal for sale for $500.00. I will not sell any of them individually if they are going to an alpacaless home. I strongly believe that alpacas need a “herd” of at least 2 animals to thrive and ideally 3 or more. If you have no alpacas and want to buy one of mine I will work with you to provide a companion suitable for that animal at a reduced price.

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Farm Terms & Financing

We are open to discussing terms.

Welcome to the Heart of the Mitten!

Rolling hills, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, suri alpacas and a few chickens are what living the paca lifestyle is all about and we're loving it! Please feel free to visit to see for yourself. Give us a call or email and we'll arrange a time.