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Michelle Alexander
60375 Arnold Market RoadBend, OR 97702

At Dakini we LOVE Suris! In fact we love Suris so much we spend nearly all of our time figuring out how to make better Suris. Seeking to produce a uniquely American Suri with the priorities of the North American market in mind, we exhaustively research pedigrees, carefully select foundation lines, and emphasize selective breeding practices proven in other livestock industries to produce Suris sought after by breeders all over the country.

You'll know a Dakini Suri when you see one. Their high luster fleeces with superior handle in unique colors make them standout in a crowd. They have outgoing, friendly personalities making them fun and easy to work with. Outstanding herdsires are critical to any breeding program, however at Dakini we believe in the power of the feminine as well and have carefully selected our maternal lines for important functional traits such as early maturity, strong milk production, solid confirmations, and excellent mothering abilities. Our Suris are selected from proven lines without regard to country of origin.

Located in Bend, OR, the alpacas of Dakini enjoy the high desert climate of central Oregon which is nearly perfect for the Suri alpaca. Living on a small farm, our alpacas receive individual attention and so do our customers! To ensure optimal health and fleece production we formulate individual feeding plans, keep meticulous health records, stay current with best practices in vet medicine and utilize CAMELIDynamics™ handling techniques.

Falling in love with these captivating creatures was the first step to alpaca farming, becoming a part of a community of breeders sealed the deal.

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Holders of Crazy Wisdom

Our name reflects the spirit of the Dakini - feminine spirits in Buddhist mythology that represent the dancing spirit with-in clear thinking women that provide guidance and instigate change. Any person whose heart is moved by love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of others without concern for fame, profit, social position, or recognition expresses the activity of a Dakini. “Goddesses of Life’s Changes" they represent the fundamental energy of fertility. Dakini are invisible until you have entered into the final stages of enlightenment, a rigorous process that can take a lifetime. Once you have seen a Dakini you are said to be a “holder of crazy wisdom.” At Dakini, our alpacas have a lot of crazy wisdom to share. Get crazy with us!