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Victor & Melissa Epperson
297 Bushnell RdDouglas , GA 31533
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The boys having fun in the sun

Madelyn with Shasta and Thoe
Madelyn's first Alpaca kiss
Who Me?

Just like many of you, we fell in love with alpacas at first sight. We had three acres of land and spent two years looking at different livestock options for our small farm. We started with horses and they just ate us out of house and home, and had no way of writing off their expense on our taxes. We then looked at cows, but with only three acres we could only have three cows at most. Goats where our next great idea, but they spent most of their time trying to get out. Then we heard about a local "fiber on the foot show" and we went and checked it out. That is where we first laid our eyes on these wonderful fuzzy gifts from heaven. We spent the next six months building our first paddock and shelter while saving up the money to buy our first 5 alpacas. It was not until then that we found about all the great tax advantages that come from being an Alpaca owner/breeder. From that moment on we were hooked and have not looked back. Since then, we have added two children and 40+ alpacas to our small farm and still are growing and learning along the way. Now that we are in Georgia our farm has grown to 20+ acres with new Paddocks and barns. With this new farm we will be able to continue to grow and add amazing genetic as we go.

In 2015 we added LGD Great Pyrenees out of Randy Coleman's Farm Wings and a prayer to the mix and Shasta and Tahoe are keeping a ever watch full eye on the place. Not even a squirrel or rabbit can get pass them now.

Also in 2015 we added Black Angus Cows so that we can now grow our own meat as well.

Farm Terms & Financing

1) 5% discount for any Alpaca valued over $1000 if paying with cash.

2) No money down and 0% interest for monthly payment plans up to one years. (We will retain possession of all Alpacas until 50% of payment is received.)

3) 5% interest for monthly payment for over one year. (We will retain possession of all Alpacas until 50% of payment is received.)

4) All offers will be considered so just ask.

Just make us a offer

We welcome all inquiries for trades of any kind. including trades for breeding's, work on the farm, farm supplies and etc... So do not be afraid to ask!!!!

All purchases of breeding Dam's over $1000 also includes two breeding's to any of our herd Sires.

So hurry and come and get yours before they are all gone!!!!!!