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Morning Mist at the Pastel Paca

Suri Cloud

We have lots of unique Bolivian genetics to choose from, as well as some excellent full and part Peruvian boys – one a champion appaloosa! You can use this breeding on any of your females. Don’t delay. Alpacas are selling well right now, and to ensure that you get your favorite, call to schedule a time to see and handle the suris of your choice.

I will be retaining a few non-breeding females for fiber production, and for the pure joy of it, so I will continue to be available to mentor new breeders and to stand behind the alpacas you buy from me, but it’s now time to turn the page and focus on developing a new enterprise. This opens a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to invest in some very nice quality suris, with rare genetics and exceptional promise. The suri fiber industry is looking at a bright future, with new end products being developed every year and consumers beginning to awaken to the marvelous luxury qualities of suri fiber, and I hope to be part of that with my new venture. And we need new, young, energetic folks to take up the mantle of developing the next generation of suri alpaca seed stock and fiber producers.

Whether you’re interested in a small group of 3-4 alpacas, or the whole shebang (~35 alpacas), give me a call to request fiber samples, copies of ARI certificates and any further information you need to make a good decision.

Some of the genetics in our herd are proven Bolivian genetics that were in danger of being lost forever due to crossing and blending with Peruvian lines. We’ve worked hard to increase the percentage of Bolivian genetics by recapturing, refining and recombining the extraordinary genetics of great Bolivian suri alpacas. Our Alpacas display their exceptional fleeces on equally exceptional, perfectly proportioned frames. While we have some wonderful Peruvian genetics as well, the backbone of our herd is a cross of the Bolivian Lumino and Powerline lines.

LadySong focuses first on the production of silken suri fiber, part of which is sent to our cooperative. The remaining fiber is custom spun at a small mill or hand processed for resale as cloud, batt (both natural and dyed in luscious pastel shades) and other specialty products. Whether you are developing or expanding a homestead operation to supply fiber for homespun yarns or for resale at farm markets, craft venues or through your own Etsy shop, or whether you plan to breed and raise replacement and resale alpacas to supplement your fiber income, our alpacas will meet your needs.

Farm Terms & Financing

Financing is available on purchases of $2000 or greater. Financing is not available on discounted sales.

Breeding Improvement Guarantee

We will work with you to choose the perfect male to accomplish your breeding goal. Together we will identify the characteristic(s) you want to develop in your herd and a standard to measure results, and we will help you select the male from our lineup who can accomplish that goal. If you don't agree that the breeding result is an improvement over your female in those characteristics, you may have a second breeding to another male absolutely free!