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Margaret Long & Sue Simonton
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Zepher cria 2010

What do you do with alpacas?
Zepher cria 2011

2 Step-breeding to improve density in your herd!

We have followed the advice of Ian Watt and found first one then another of the densest white suri studs in the country! ATV Zepher has a density of 49.9. We have used him over our whole herd for the past two years and now have 12 of his progeny to view! He has increased the density of the dams we put him over on a very consistent basis. He is available for breedings here in Minnesota for the rest of the year! So then we had to find a stud of equal quality but with even denser fiber stats! We found the densest white suri stud in the country at SuriPaco Farm in Maine! Tormenta, whose density is 60.0, is standing at stud on our farm until September! If you need to increase the amount of fleece your animals are producing and maintain finess we have the answer for you!