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Jolly Rancher Alpacas

Alpacas - Treasure of the Andes

Amy Pomerantz
BlanchardBlanchard, OK 73010
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The Start; After looking at different career opportunities that involved animals I was first introduced to alpacas at the age of 15. Excited about an unusual option, I started working at "Alpaca This!" a month later. Less then 3 years afterwards I purchased my first alpaca! Feel free to email about any questions or if you would like to see the animals in person!

The Goal; My goal is to breed quality suris with a focus on Peruvian and Accoyo genetics. I aim to focus on quality, not color or quantity. I want suris that win in the show ring and also produce quality usable fiber for years to come.

Farm Sitting Services; If you are going out of town and would like to be worry free about your livestock and pets at home then please ask about my farmsitting. I can provide drop-by care if you are close enough OR overnight care. My experience extends past alpacas as I had worked with dogs for years and I have worked with a variety of other animals. Also, in addition to basic alpaca care I have done cria watch/birthing and herd health care. Ask for references!

Alpaca brokering - Take some of the fuss out of marketing, let me do it for you!

Extra Alpaca Services; In addition to the breeding/sales and farm sitting, I can assist in herd health, halter training, and alpaca showing. When it comes to herd health I can give shots, oral meds, toenail trimming, wound care, birthing, neonatal care, assist with breedings, etc. I have shown several alpacas to championships and I have been halter training for almost as long as I have been working with alpacas. My halter training methods come from reading Marty McGee's books and also 6+ years of experience.

Jolly Rancher Alpacas

Breeding for the best!
At Jolly Rancher Alpacas I strive to breed quality as opposed to quantity or color. My suris are bred to be competitive in the show ring, but also to offer usable fiber for years to come! My herd offers some of the best of Peruvian and Accoyo genetics, in a variety of colors! Come see for yourself!!!