Twins Alpaca Farm

Huacaya & Suri

Jennifer Paylor & Vanessa Paylor
383 Smith-Bible Rd.Delhi, LA 71232

Watching the babies...

Winning the race!
Pasture patrol.
Cat nap blues ;)

Twins Alpaca Farm -
Fine Huacaya & Suri Alpacas.

Twins Alpaca Farm is located in the lush farmland of northeast Louisiana. We are a family farm, with the alpaca adventure started by twin sisters who share a love of animals. We started in fall 2003 with soft, beautiful, colorful huacayas. We won blue ribbons and even purple in halter and fleece shows. In 2006, we added many fine, colored suris to our farm. Later that year, we won a National suri fleece championship! Our suris continued to win many more awards. Our farm has award-winning, show-quality alpacas of both types. In more recent years, we added gray Suri alpacas to our herd. We now have all colors, with our favorites being silver & rose gray. We like soft fleece and calm personalities in our alpacas. We love both types of beautiful alpacas - huacaya and suri - in all colors.

Through the years, we have experienced the joys and sorrows of raising many animals and loving them all. We even have a bottle-fed alpaca girl named Baby! Although we have enjoyed raising them, we are not breeding all our alpacas now. Our time and our animals are valuable to us. None of our animals are for sale, and we are not looking to add more alpacas, unless we come across the right ones.

God has blessed us with our family, home, and animals of all kinds.

We wish you well in your alpaca adventures... :)

Welcome to our farm!

Welcome to our webpage on Openherd. Please take a look at our pages and enjoy learning more about our farm and our lovely animals.

If you are considering alpacas, do your research - there is a lot of info online, and alpacas are not for everyone. Remember, like any livestock, they need shelter from storms, green pastures to graze, hay, water, quality feed and alpaca mineral. Like sheep, they need yearly shearing. Like llamas, they may spit when upset. Like horses, they need a large animal vet. Like other livestock, they require regular deworming and need antibiotics when sick. As herd animals, they are happiest in a large group of their own kind.